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[DK-F] News

Sunday D. 08-07-2012 closed Clan DK-FORCE (Danish Force) our Ghost Recon Server.

The server has been running since 11 December 2001 without some form of support, and this has led to the closure due to lack of money.

It is with sad tears to close this server as definitely if it is not, then one of the oldest ghost recon server in the world.

In all that time there have been well over 2.8 million join on this server, and correct many hours with both friends and clans.

I want to thank all the server admins over the years who have supported our server, not least the Glock, Wabbit, Diamond Cutter, jinxyp00, ThEcLoWn and flyguy.

An extra big thanks to Ritey from www.gocoding.com to have created the best tool for Ghost Recon servers ReconLog.

[DK-F] 5.5
Clan Leader DK-FORCE (Danish Force) signing off


Posted in: [DK-F] News


Wednesday, 11. July kl. 12:53:22 (Læs mere... | 2 kommentarer | Hits: 0)

Clan DK-FORCE søger sponsor......


Danish News

Clan DK-FORCE søger sponsor til ny server, og eventuelt til dækning af Internet regninger.


Clan DK-FORCE [DK-F] server har kørt siden 2001, og aldrig modtaget betaling for noget, men vores server bliver ældre med tiden.

Vores server køre 24/7/360, og har kørt 98% af tiden siden 2001.

Vores server er blandt verdens bedste Ghost Recon1 server, som har langt over 100.000 join om året, fra hele verden.


Hvis dit firma har løst til at støtte vores server, kan vi kontaktes på mail clan@dk-force.dk


Hvad kan vi give til gengæld?

Vi kan give reklame på www.dk-force.dk samt i spillet en meddelelse hvert 5 minut med hvad det måtte være.


Bemærk. Clan DK-FORCE er den ældste ghost recon1 clan i Danmark, samt altid har været en gratis clan.

Posted in: Danish News


Sunday, 25. July kl. 18:27:21 (Læs mere... | 2368 bytes mere | 23 kommentarer | Hits: 4.83)

Spam Attack from BornToKill on our site.


Clan Info

The date 06/07-2010 the user BornToKill have attack dk-force.dk with spam.

The ip’s there wars use for this attack:

IP Addresses



2010-07-06 @ 03:50:44


2010-07-05 @ 22:55:19

United Kingdom

2010-07-06 @ 11:41:23


2010-07-06 @ 14:50:58

United States

2010-07-06 @ 11:34:25


2010-07-06 @ 13:32:51

United States

See full log on http://www.dk-force.dk/btk.htm or go to forum: http://www.dk-force.dk/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=3115#3115

Posted in: Clan Info


Tuesday, 06. July kl. 22:53:38 (Læs mere... | 11543 bytes mere | 25 kommentarer | Hits: 3.9)

New Mods/Maps


[DK-F] News

We are looking for new server side mods for our server, if any have an idea or no a good server side mode or map, plz post it in our forum HERE.


We will not have any mods on our server that player need to download before join our server.


What we rely are looking for but never have bin made is a server side mod like sige but with 2 bases to get more gaming in this old game.


We rely hope that someone out there have good idea to our server.



          Danish Force

Posted in: [DK-F] News


Friday, 19. February kl. 22:27:48 (Læs mere... | 17 kommentarer | Hits: 4.4)

Summer Mode


Clan Info

The summer has com to Denmark and when the weather is warm, then all will be out in the summer, like all other country.

Posted in: Clan Info


Monday, 01. June kl. 03:12:07 (Læs mere... | 3553 bytes mere | Hits: 4.71)

Who is Online

Lige nu er der 24 gæst(er) og 0 bruger(e) online.

Du er ikke oprettet som bruger. Du kan blive bruger ved at klikke her

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