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Terms of Use

§1.Purpose of DK-force.dk. The purpose of DK-Force.dk is to creat a place for everybody with an interest in Ghost Recon, Ghost Recon clans and military content etc.


§1a. Content. Posts/submissions may not contain untruth statements, and/or degrading comments directed at companies or persons in any way. Posts/submissions may not in any way be hostile or degrading.


§2. Registration and members. Anybody may join DK-force.dk as user or member (Unless banned or excluded by a DK-force.dk admin) It’s free of charge. Only logged-in users have the ability to see attached files and pictures, as well as the advanced functions of the system.


§2b. Usernames. User accounts may not be named “Admin”, “Operator”, “Guest”, “*.dk” “*.com” etc. Usernames impersonating people is not allowed, unless your name really is Bill Gates, which it isn’t. So calling yourself George W. Bush is against the site rules. Members cannot change a username once signed up, however, any DK-force.dk admin can change it for you if you ask nicely.  Any DK-force admin reserves the right to delete an account with an obscene or unaccepted username.


§2c. Profiles. You are only allowed to have one profile on DK-force.dk. Your profile is personal, and may not be turned over to another person, or be used by anyone else than the person that signed up for it. Protect your password, and be sure not to enable auto log-in from a public computer.

If you get banned/temporary banned from DK-force.dk, you are not allowed to sign up with a new profile, if done, your IP address will be blocked, and you won’t even be able to acces the site.


§2d. Memberstatus. All new profiles will have the status of “Ny bruger” (New user) at sign up. Users with the status “Aktiv bruger” (Active user) and up, has an almost moral obligation of helping new members feeling at home.


§3. Language, Tone and Terms of Use. All posts should always abide by the current laws of Denmark. A good behavior and tone is always expected of members of DK-force.dk, needless to say, flaming and trolling on the boards is not allowed, and will result in a ban. Showing respect and accepting other users oppinions is also expected, even though you don’t happen to agree. Keep in mind, that in writing, words often seem more harsh.


§4. Signatures. Your signature serves the purpose of informing your fellow members about yourself, etc. It’s solely up to the DK-force.dk admins to decide wether a signature is relevant or not, Admins reserves the right to remove it at any time.


§5. Edit, Delete, Ban. Admins and Mods can at any given time edit a post, or delete it, if they feel the post don’t comply with these Terms of Use. A user can be given a warning, 5 warnings results in a ban. If an Admin or Mod edits a post, he/she will add a note saying that it has been edited by an Admin/Mod.


§7. Move of Posts/Threads. Admins and Mods can at any given time move posts/threads to a more relevant forum.


§9. Access to Features. Admins can, without any warning, shut down features, or add new.


§10. Deleting inactive users. Admins reserve the right to delete inactive accounts without any warning. Users who had their accounts deleted, are welcome to create a new if they wish to return to DK-force.dk.


§11. Rights and Decisions. 1. Admins and Mods on DK-force.dk are by default always right in their decisions. The admins are in no way obligated to enter in a discussion about decisions. 2. If an Admin or Mod is wrong, rule 1 applies.


§13. Donations to DK-force.dk. It’s free of charge to use DK-force.dk.


§13a. Who’s in charge? The highest authority on DK-force.dk are the Admins. Mods are only a help to the Admins. Decisions that are found to be unfair should be brought to an Admins attention, however, the Admins are not obligated to discuss or investigate the matter.


§14 Who’s in charge of debates about decisions? Possible debates about decisions are supposed to be directly between Admins/Mods and the user, using mails or PM’s, and not take place on the boards. In the forum “Debat om DK-force.dk”, debates about site rules/policy are allowed.


§15 Copyrighted materiel. Users may not copy copyrighted texts, and paste them into the DK-force.dk’s forum, the same goes for copyrighted photos/pictures. DK-force.dk can in no way be made responsible for copyrighted materiel (Pictures, texts, links etc..) that users added to the site. DK-force.dk cannot be made responsible for users violating copyright laws either. Legal action  in connection with violation of copyrights, is to be taken against the user in question, not DK-force.dk.


§16 Change in the Terms of Use. The Terms of Use can be changed at any time without warning, however, a note from the Admins will inform about this.


Admin = Administrator, Mod = Moderator, [DK-F] = Clan members, PIO = Responsible for military content, PM/PB = Private Message.


Regards, Lcprl J. Hahn [DK-F]5.5

Copyright © by Danish Force All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2005-01-11 (8932 reads)

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