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Server Rules

Server IP Address1:

UBI Ghost Recon Server: Danish Force

Xfire Ghost Recon Server: Danish Force

ACE Ghost Recon Server: Danish Force


Clan DK-F

PLZ feel free to use Teamspeak



Server Rules
Everyone that plays on our server is responsible for knowing these rules and following them.

The Danish Force server is a RC server, and to that we have the same Platform Of Standards Set Of Rules.


What is RC?
Tutorial of Reading Viewing a Replay
Glitching Video
All you need to know about
Cheats Revealed
Terms Of Use
Platform Of Standards Set Of Rules
Replay Code




Most of our rules are pretty much common sense. Everyone that plays on our server is responsible for knowing these rules and following them.
∑  General conduct:

Foul language will not be tolerated. If you cannot hold a discussion in our server without using swear words or derrogatory comments, then please find somewhere else to play. We will warn you once about this, next time you will likely be kicked and banned without warning.

∑  Attitude:

Being disrespectful to other players will not be tolerated. Calling another player names or slandering them will not be permitted to take place on the server. If you cannot conduct yourself in a respectful manner, again, please find somewhere else to play. We are all on the server to have a good time, we do not need anyone coming to the server and taking that away from us.

Be understanding if you get killed by a friendly, normally someone doesn't teamkill (TK) other players on purpose.
If you kill a team-mate by accident, be man enough to say sorry during or after the game.
Be respectful towards the host (55). He's the one paying for the server so you can play for free. English and Danish, is the only language to be used whilst on our Server, the usage of other languages will result in you being kicked

∑  Cheating:
Absolutely no Cheating is execpted on Danish Force you will be banned for life from [DK-F] and all ACC servers, also you will be PUBLICLY shamed on [DK-F] Cheat Forums and Replaycommittee.com This is no problem for the Danish Force, All IPS, names and Replays are logged and saved. If you see something weird on the server, just write down the date/time and player name, PM The Admin [DK-F]5.5 or post it on our forum, and we will give you the replay.
∑  Gameplay:
Solo is allowed only if the number of players = 4 or less, and if solo is requested then 4 teams must be set up before the game ( 3 teams for 3 players ) and a 1 V 1 must have 2 teams set up. That way all players can be reviewed, it makes sense for glitchers and cheats to play solo, this way they can use their downloaded skills and glitches with no fear of detection....
will be rewriting shortly

∑  Glitching:

No glitching. we understand that not everyone understands the full meaning of this or even where all the glitches are, If you don't know what it is, go HERE and for video go HERE

∑  Support
Is support allowed? yes if there is good pin of all players, but normally it is a NO GO.

∑  MMI and Nades

Is MMI and Nades allowed? Yes if there only are, about 16 players on the server then it is ok, else NO GO

∑  [DK-F] PLAYER Or RC Admin

If a [DK-F] is on the server or com in, respect him, if you will edit the server ask him for permission, also even though you have operating the server all day.

∑  Other offences

Danish Force is a free server normaly there is no password on it, but do not try to own the server, just because there isnít any password on. Don't go "Away From Keyboard" when there is no host or no timer. You will get kicked (not banned) if the host finds someone AFK. You are welcome to rejoin the server when you're back. Don't do it too often though.
Requests will be taken by the host ([DK-F] or RC Admin) once in a while but naggers or whiners are not appreciated.

 Remember to ask other players on the server, what they want to play and what weapons, before you set the server settings..

If we get info about a player, there just edit the server like he want, we will be force to ban him.

These are very basic rules. Mostly common sense. Please check back periodically for updates to the rules.

Red Storm Entertainment, Inc. is a Ubi Soft Entertainment company. All Rights Reserved. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is a trademark of Rubicon, Inc. under license to Ubi Soft Entertainment. Ghost Recon is a trademark of Ubi Soft Entertainment

Unfortunately some players donít understand the word free server, therefore have we desisted to put a password on, but no worry all can get it, just register on this site and go HERE
Fore the password.


Replaycommittee/Danish Force

This Rule set will be rewriting shortly

Copyright © by Danish Force All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2005-04-18 (15021 reads)

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